Thursday, May 29, 2014

Slide deck is pretty much done and uploaded to ODTUG.  I still have a few ideas in my head, just not sure how to lay them out in a slide.  If you aren't coming to Seattle, no worries! After KSCOPE, I will start uploading the deck in a series of posts...

Interestingly, while working on the EBS 12 test system I ran across the same issue everyone has when migrating my APEX integration pieces from 11.  The removal of mod pl/sql by Oracle ruins most of what everyone has done in 11.

So my next undertaking will be to figure out a way to migrate my 11 integration to 12 without changing too much in the way of code AND including an extra layer of security.  Preliminary tests show that while the current methodologies suggested to integrate 12 work and is "secure", I believe there might be a missing piece in making the integration more robust in terms of security.

Stay tuned...

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